YouTube Crash–Why Does the Youtube Crashing Occur

YouTube is a video sharing website where users are allowed to freely watch, upload and share the videos.

There were two major problems reported about YouTube:

  • YouTube crashes the web browser
  • While trying to watch a video on YouTube, Blue Screen of Death occurs

Troubleshooting Guidelines:

  • Update Graphics Driver
  • Clear Internet History and Temporary Internet Files
  • Reinstall Adobe Flash Player
  • Remove Individual YouTube Cookies
  • Reset Internet Explorer to Default Settings
  • Restart FireFox without Any Add-Ons Activated
  • Improve Internet Performance

Update Graphics Driver

For watching the videos on YouTube, the graphics performance should be normal. Update your graphics card driver by downloading it from the respective manufacturer’s website.  YouTube crash will not occur.

Clear Internet History and Temporary Internet Files

For fixing YouTube crash, delete the internet history and the temporary internet files. Do this task with the help of a System Cleaner application.

  1. Download a System Cleaner software.
  2. Click Delete button to perform the task.
  3. Confirm removal of passwords when prompted.

Reinstall Adobe Flash Player

The Adobe Flash Player plug-in is required for watching YouTube videos. Due to issues with this plug-in, YouTube crash occurs. Reinstall Flash Player plug-in to fix the problem.

  1. Click Start | Control Panel.
  2. Click Programs |Uninstall a Program.
  3. Select Adobe Flash Player Plug-in from the list of installed software.
  4. Click Uninstall button and follow the wizard.
  5. Restart the system after completion.
  6. Download a fresh setup and install it on your computer.

Remove Individual YouTube Cookies

YouTube stores cookies on your computer. If these cookies are corrupted, they can cause the YouTube crash issue. Removing the cookies may fix YouTube crashes.

  1. Open Mozilla FireFox.
  2. Click Tools | Options.
  3. Click Privacy | Remove Individual Cookies | PREF.
  4. Click OK.

Reset Internet Explorer to Default Settings

Customizing Internet Explorer settings improperly may cause YouTube crash. You shall reset Internet Explorer to the default settings specified by the company.

  1. Open Internet Explorer.
  2. Click Tools | Internet Options.
  3. Click Advanced tab.
  4. Click Reset button.
  5. Mark the box Delete Personal Settings as checked.
  6. Click Reset button.

Restart FireFox without Any Add-Ons Activated

Conflicts with the Mozilla FireFox add-ons installed may cause YouTube crashes. Restarting FireFox without enabling any add-on may stop the problem. Accordingly, you can disable the faulty add-on.

  1. Open Mozilla FireFox.
  2. Click Help | Restart with Add-Ons Disabled. Or otherwise, just press the Shift key when the FireFox is opening.
  3. If YouTube videos are loading without crashes, then one of the add-ons installed is not working properly. Disable it from Tools | Extensions.

Improve Internet Performance

Your internet performance might be slow that causes YouTube crash. Improve it by downloading an internet optimizer tool.

Instantly Fix YouTube Crash

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