Windows Freezes Facebook Error – You can Fix it

Facebook freezes on Windows platform reported by many Internet users. What could be causing problem while uploading photos, adding friends, playing games and viewing messages; how to fix it?

A Facebook freeze on Windows has various reasons. It can be due to problem in browser, incorrect Internet settings, corrupted Windows registry, malfunctioning add-ons, junk data in your hard disk and so on.

To resolve Facebook freezing on Windows, below are outlined some helpful steps.

Optimize Internet

First thing to solve Facebook freeze on Windows is to optimize your Internet. You can do it using Internet Optimizer tool. This tool enables you to configure operating system properly according to the Internet connection you are using.

Internet Optimizer can easily be downloaded from system utility software.

Remove unwanted Add-ons

Some websites forcefully add toolbar on browser. What happens is that when your browser loads, these toolbars are automatically loaded. Some malfunctioning toolbars and browser extensions can be reason behind Facebook freezes on Windows.

To solve this problem you should disable these unwanted add-ons from your browser.

Firefox | Tools | Add-ons | Extensions | Disable

Also remove junk data which is stored in the form of Internet history and browser cache. You can do this by using browser cleaner tool.

Repair Registry

Oftentimes registry database is fragmented due to invalid entries. Registry contains information related to all hardware and software. Facebook may freeze on Windows if your browser related settings are incorrect. To fix this issue, use some reliable system utility software.

Run Disk Cleanup

Junk data in your system can cause application crashing. Using Windows pre-installed disk cleanup utility you can remove this data. Follow the steps given below.

  • Click on Start.
  • Go to All Programs | Accessories | System Tools
  • Click on Disk Cleanup.
  • Select the partition.
  • Click OK.

Repair ActiveX objects and shared DLLs

These components are used by operating system to display multimedia content on website. Facebook may freeze if these ActiveX and shared DLLs are corrupted. Simplest way to repair these components is to scan and fix Windows registry using registry cleaner software.

Scan system for viruses

It can be a virus that is creating conflict between browser and operating system and as a result your websites cannot display data properly. Facebook freezes on Windows can be a symptom of virus infection in your system.

To solve this problem you should have power antivirus on your system.

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