Windows 7 Pro Running Slow

Is Windows 7 Pro running slow on your system? Searching for a perfect solution to get rid of this annoying issue? Here are some tips that will help you to boost your computer performance running Windows 7 Pro.

  • Complete PC Virus Scan
  • Remove Junk Files
  • Run Disk Defragmenter
  • Run Performance Troubleshooter
  • Clean Windows Registry

Complete PC Virus Scan

Windows 7 Pro may run slow if it is infected by any malicious application. To boost your system and to ensure its protection you need to install a high quality anti-virus. Run a complete virus scan to detect and remove viruses from your system. On completion of scanning reboot your system. Before running the computer security scan make it sure that the software is loaded with the most recent virus definitions.

Run Disk Cleanup

If your system contains too many junk and duplicate files it may affect the performance of Windows 7 Pro. To fix this issue run Windows built-in tool Disk Cleanup. To do so follow the steps below:

  1. Click on Start
  2. In the Search Box type Disk Cleanup and open it
  3. Select the Drive which you wish to scan first
  4. Now choose the files which you want to remove
  5. Press OK
  6. Select all the drives one by one to clean

Run Disk and Registry Defragmenter

When we install and use too many software programs in our system, fragmentation occurs in Windows operating system. Fragmentation is a process whereby the important program files are being separated and are being located on distant places. This sometimes results in slow system performance and also becomes a prime reason of Windows 7 Pro slow speed. Therefore, run a Disk Defragmenter to fix this issue.

You can also defragment your Windows registry by installing a third party System Utilities program that includes Defragmentation feature.

Optimize Windows 7 Pro Services

When a computer is being used, a lot of background services are being run. Some of these services are not of great use to the ordinary computer user and he/she can turn these services off in order to give your system a quick boost. The best way to optimize computer services is to use a system utilities software that automatically does that job.

Clean Windows Registry

Windows 7 Pro runs slow due to corruption in Windows Registry which is a very important part of the entire operating system. Registry starts generating different kind of errors when it contains junk entries. To fix this issue you are required to install reliable system utility software containing the registry cleaning feature.

Install an experts recommended Intel Partner Software and Mcafee Secured, RegInOut System Utilities. It contains all the features described above and scans Windows registry thoroughly for errors and fixes it. You can download RegInOut from its official website: Speed Up Windows7 .

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