Why Windows 7 Hangs on Shutdown, How to Fix It

Microsoft Windows 7 users have discovered and reported a problem that Windows 7 hangs on shutdown. Not only Windows 7 users are reporting this issue but Windows XP and Vista users are also facing the same problem. There is nothing to worry about, here are some tips that will help you to solve the issue.

  • Scan PC for Viruses and Malwares
  • Cleanout Errors from Registry
  • Fix Resource Conflict
  • Upgrade RAM

Scan PC for Viruses and Malwares

If your PC is infected by any virus or malware, Windows 7 hangs on shutdown. This problem can easily be solved by installing good antivirus software and removing malicious applications. You will find many antivirus programs over the internet, install the reliable one, update it and run a full PC scan.

Cleanout Errors from Registry

Many of the PC problems occur due to corrupt Windows registry. Windows 7 hangs on shutdown due to errors in registry, repairing the registry can fix the problem. Windows registry stores computer information in form of keys and you can clean up errors from registry using System Cleaner and PC Optimizer. System Cleaner thoroughly scans your Windows registry to find errors and junk files which cannot be done manually.

Upgrade RAM

Program installed on your system requires certain amount of memory in order to run smoothly. Windows also requires some amount of RAM to run properly and if the RAM installed on your system is low your system might hang.

If you are frustrated of Windows 7 hangs try using RegInOut System Cleaner and PC Optimizer. It is an excellent tool to get rid off all PC software problems. You can download RegInOut from it this link.

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