Skyrim Slow – Learn How to Fix it Instantly

There are plenty of people who have reported a complaint that Skyrim runs very slow and choppy. It takes more time to load than usual and excessive time is required when they give some input.

There are certain procedures depending on what exactly causing Skyrim slow problem. I am discussing most of them in this article which are easy and less time consuming.

  1. Upgrade Hardware & Software
  2. Upgrade Drivers
  3. Set-Up High Priority
  4. Restore Default Settings
  5. Replace Fans to Control the Temperature
  6. Optimize the Registry

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Upgrade Hardware & Software

Usually Skyrim slow problem occurs if the hardware and software installed on your computer is out-of-date. Your computer must meet the following system specifications to run this game smoothly and without any interruptions.

Microsoft Windows 7, Vista or XP

Dual Core 2.0 GHz or Equivalent Processor

2 GB of RAM

6 GB Free Hard Disk Space

Video Card and Sound Card compatible with Microsoft DirectX

For Steam activation, an internet connection is necessary.


Upgrade Drivers

Driver updating is a crucial task without which you can’t fix Skyrim slow problem. It is because Skyrim requires you to have latest versions of graphics and sound drivers. This ultimately speeds-up the internal procedures and thereby fixes Skyrim lag and freezes as well.

  1. Run a Driver Update scan or manually update drivers.
  2. When you’re prompted to download & install the drivers, click appropriate button.


Set-Up High Priority

The Task Manager allows you to modify the priority of the processes so that you can sort them according to your requirements. Higher the priority to a process, the more CPU is used for it and vice versa.

If you’re among those complaining Skyrim slow problem, then you need to set-up the High Priority to Skyrim process.

  1. Fire-up Task Manager. Press Ctrl + Alt + Delete.
  2. Select Start Task Manager.
  3. Click the second tab, i.e. Processes.
  4. Right click Skyrim.exe or similar process and select Set Priority | High.


Restore Default Settings

Have you recently changed Skyrim settings? There is a possibility that the newly enabled functions or higher quality settings are making Skyrim slow problem. Restore the default settings. Double click the game icon on your desktop and go to Options. There would be an option like Restore Defaults or something similar.


Replace Fans to Control the Temperature

Generally, two fans are located inside your CPU. The first one is above your processor; and the second one is fixed on the Cabinet. Their main function is to reduce the CPU temperature and keep proper ventilation.

The Skyrim slow problem arises if these fans are not working properly. In such case, it becomes hard to control the temperature of your processor, graphics card and other components located inside your CPU. Thus, replace your fans and then re-open Skyrim to fix your problem.


Optimize the Registry

The Registry is accessed several times when you change Skyrim settings or simply play it. Thus it becomes necessary to have a maximum performance from it in order to fix slow Skyrim issue. Optimize the registry with the help of a Registry Defragmenter program.

  1. Download a Registry Defrag tool such as RegInOut System Utilities.
  2. Analyze the registry and defragment it, if prompted.


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