How to resolve Shockwave Flash Update Problems?

Shockwave flash update problem can be due to various reasons, below are some useful steps through which you can fix Shockwave Flash update problem.

Logon Your System as an Administrator:

Before trying to update shockwave flash, make sure that you have necessary permissions to do that. In short you need to be an administrator of your system or should have admin access.


Start | Search | Open All Users | Explore All Users

Windows 7/Vista:

Start  | Control Panel  | You should be able to view User Accounts

In Windows 7/Vista, you can run any file as an administrator. Just right click on the file name and select Run As Administrator. Here you need to enter correct admin ID and password.

Uninstall third party programs:

You may run Flash Player Uninstaller  if you already have some third party tool to resolve Flash Player problems.

Pop-up and ad-blockers can also prevent rich media content to be displayed. Try disabling those pop and ad-blockers.

Allow Active X Controls and Rich Media Content:

Ensure that no third party utility is restricting Active X controls or blocking rich media content.

If you are using FF, ensure Flash Player is enabled:

In FF, Flash Player is installed as FF plug-in.

Open browser | Tools | Add-ons | Plug-ins | Shockwave Flash

Here if you can see Disable button, it means plug-in is enabled. Simply close the dialog box.

In IE, ensure Flash Player add-on is enabled

If you are using IE as a web browser, Flash Player is installed as an IE add-on.

Open IE | Tools  | Manage Add-ons  | Shockwave Flash Object

Internet Explorer 8 Manage Add-ons dialog box

If you see the status is Enabled, it means add-on is enabled. Simply close dialog box.

Clean Registry Database:

Corruption in registry database often leads to different errors. The best way to resolve registry related issues is to download some reliable system utility software which includes a Registry Cleaning feature.

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