Parse Error Android Fix

This error appears while downloading apps on Android smartphone. It aborts the app installation process.

1. Enable Installation from Unknown Sources

2. Install App from a Trusted Source

3. Re-download Corrupt APK

4. Clear Cache

5. Make sure the App is Compatible

6. Perform Factory Reset

Parse Error

Enable Installation from Unknown Sources

Unknown sources referred to unauthorized sources used to install apps. Android settings contain an option to prevent installation from unknown sources for security purposes. This is the settings because of which the OS aborts installation process with Parse Error.

1. Tap Home | Menu.

2. Tap Settings | Applications.

3. Check-up the box labelled “Allow installation from unknown sources”.

Install App from a Trusted Source

Use a trusted source to install app. Find the app on Google Play Store and download/ install it from the store.

Re-download Corrupt APK

The APK file you downloaded can be corrupt. Fix Parse Error by re-downloading the APK file.

Clear Cache

It is often experienced that the cache contents become corrupt and cause problem processing the information. Delete the cache contents of your Android Play Store.

1. Tap Settings | Applications.

2. Tap Manage Applications | All Tabs | Play Store | Clear Cache.


Make sure the App is Compatible

Parse Error appears due to incompatibility issue. Make sure that the app you downloaded is compatible with the current OS platform.

Perform Factory Reset

Do this only if you can afford to lose your data. Strictly backup any files that might be important for you. Backup your contacts, messages, music, videos, and all other stuff to other devices and then only factory reset your Android smartphone.

1. Backup all important stuff.

2. Tap Settings | Privacy | Factory Reset Data.

3. If you’re asked to confirm, tap Yes.

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