Netflix nw-4-7 Error Resolution

Netflix nw-4-7 appears when attempting to view Netflix on PS3 device. In many cases Amazon web server is the backend problem. Otherwise you might have a different sort of problem. You might require to remove the app and follow the important steps outlined in this article.

  1. Check DNS Settings
  2. Re-Login to Netflix
  3. Deactivate Device From Netflix
  4. Unplug and Re-plug Device

Check DNS Settings

You may encounter error NW-4-7 connecting to Netflix due to wrong DNS Settings. DNS Settings affect the way network connections are established. Verify your DNS Settings and troubleshoot the problem.

1.   Open PS3 main page. From the main menu hit Settings.
2.   Now select Network Settings | Internet Connection Settings | Custom.
3.   Choose Connection type (either Wireless or Wired).
4.   If you are on Wired Connection, select Auto-detect and Operation Mode.
5.   If you are wireless, select Manual Operation Mode. In Manual press to right three times so as to auto-input  Security Type, SSID and Password.
6.   Now select Automatic (IP Address Settings).
7.   Select Do Not Set (DHCP host name) and Automatic for DNS Settings.
8.   Tap to right and press X to save the new settings and changes.
9.   Now select Test Connection.

Re-Login to Netflix

If you have properly configured DNS settings, re-login to Netflix in order to fix Netflix nw-4-7. Follow the instructions given below to re-login to Netflix.

1.      First of all exit from Netflix and Start Netflix app on device (PS3).
2.      Press Select and Start during Load Time. Press YES, if it asks for reset.
3.      Now re-login to Netflix. It should work as normal.

Deactivate Device from Netflix

Follow the instructions given below to deactivate PS3 from Netflix account.

1.      Open Netflix website and insert login credentials.
2.      Select Your Account and click Help on Home page.
3.      Now select Manage Netflix-ready devices and computers.
4.      It would show you list of Netflix activated computers and devices.
5.      To deactivate your device select the device and click on Deactivate link.
6.      Confirm it.

Unplug and Re-plug your Device

Unplugging and re-plugging your device would fix Amazon web server related problems. Follow the instructions given below to unplug and re-plug your device:

1.      Unplug PS3. Reset your router device while unplugging PS3.
2.      Once router is restarted, plug the device back.
3.      It should work normal.

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