Minecraft Slow – Why is it slow, How to Fix it

Wondering why Minecraft is running slow? Want to fix the issue?This article has some healthy tips for you to get rid of all the glitches of Minecraft.

Below are some tips that will help you to fix the Minecraft slow speed:

  • Update Video Drivers
  • Re-Install Minecraft
  • System Compatibility
  • Disable Antivirus Program
  • Fix Windows Registry

Update Display Drivers

Minecraft slow speed can be due to unsupported video drivers. In such case updating display drivers will fix the issue. You can download display drivers from the manufacturer’s website. Alternatively follow the steps below to install drivers:

  1. Click on My Computer and open Properties
  2. In Properties click on Hardware
  3. Press Device Manager button
  4. Click on Display and right-click on graphics
  5. Click Update Driver
  6. Follow the instruction appears on screen
  7. Reboot your computer

Re-Install Minecraft

Minecraft slow speed can be fixed by re-installing the game because sometimes if the game is not installed properly it gives different kinds of errors such as freezing, crashing or running slow. Uninstall the game and install it again. To uninstall the game accurately follow the guide stated below:

  1. Press Start button
  2. Go to Control Panel
  3. Click on Add/Remove Programs
  4. Select on Minecraft
  5. Press Remove button
  6. Follow instructions
  7. Restart your computer

System Compatibility

Another big reason why is Minecraft slow is that your system doesn’t meet the basic requirements to run the game. It’s important that you check the system requirements before running the game. Minecraft requirements are:

Intel Core 2 CPU

T7200 @ 2.00Ghz

1.32Ghz , 1.00 GB of RAM

NVidia Quadro NVS 110M

Disable Antivirus Program

Another reason of Minecraft slow is that antivirus may block some of the features of the game which cause the game to run slow. You can fix the problem by disabling the Antivirus program before running the game.

Fix Windows Registry

If Windows registry contain junk files it results in downfall of system performance and it may be a reason of Minecraft running slow. You can remove junk files from registry by installing a reliable registry cleaner. Try using Intel Partner Software RegInOut to repair your Windows registry. It scans your system thoroughly for junk files and other errors and fixes them quickly.

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