Mackeeper in Review- Benefits of the New Version of MacKeeper

MacKeeper is one of the most popular system optimization softwares designed for Mac OS. It offers a variety of features. It speeds up your Mac by deleting unwanted stuff and protects it from malicious attacks.



The new version- Mackeeper offers much more than the earlier versions. The user interface is customized to make it simple for beginners to understand the things and do these things faster. Technical how-to and reliable customer support are its add-on features.

The benefits of Mackeeper can be classified as under- 1) Get rid of unwanted data; 2) Secure your Mac and protect your Privacy; 3) Enhance system performance and reduce delay in operations.

Get Rid of Unwanted Data

Unwanted data can be in the form of unused programs, internet files (such as your cookies, browser cache, form fill-up data, and web history), system files (unused binary files, programs cache, apps data) and duplicate files. All this stuff collectively generates low disk space problem as it occupies a large portion of your disk space.

Use Mackeeper to uninstall unneeded programs, remove temporary internet files and scan & remove duplicate files.

In short,

  • It cleans temporary system files;
  • It cleans temporary internet files;
  • It cleans duplicate files.     

Secure your Mac and Protect your Privacy

If you have MacKeeper installed you need not to pay for an expensive Anti-Malware program. MacKeeper protects your computer from viruses, spyware threats and malicious scripts. It makes sure that your system runs fine and is stable & secure.

It offers two types of scans, viz. Complete Scan and Quick Scan. The former scans all drives of your hard disk and removable media such as CD/ DVD ROM, USB disk drive, memory card and floppy disk. The later scans only particular folders that you’ll choose.

In addition to an antivirus program it has a Data Encryption feature.  It protects your confidential documents by transparently encrypting data from hackers and people who have physical access to your computer. You may create a password and set-up the things easily to encrypt your important data with AES 128 & 256.

MacKeeper offers a File Shredder. Generally when a file is deleted from Trash it can still be recoverable using some UnDelete programs. MacKeeper’s File Shredder feature deletes and shreds files in such a way that no one can recover them in the future. Thus your privacy is protected.

In short,

  • It protects your system against viruses, malwares and unwanted scripts;
  • It protects your documents with data encryption like AES 128 and AES 256;
  • It protects your privacy by shredding deleted files and ensures no one can recover them later.

Enhance System Performance and Reduce Delay

As we discussed earlier MacKeeper is full of system cleaner utilities. Once you delete temporary stuff from your hard disk, that portion of your disk can be used by running applications. To ensure optimum system performance, be sure to do all the system clean-up tasks on a regular basis, say once in a week.

Additionally, MacKeeper helps you manage the Login Items. They are nothing but the programs that run every time Mac is started-up. They greatly affect your system startup time. More the login items, slower will be your system performance. MacKeeper disables unneeded login items so that boot process becomes faster and your computer gets its lost performance.

Using the Undelete tool in MacKeeper you can recover any files that you deleted earlier. However, files which you have shredded cannot be recovered.

In short,

  • It controls login items to speed-up the boot process;
  • It thereby helps you regain your lost performance;
  • It provides additional features required to recover deleted files.


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