How to Use Smartphone Smartly?

Now a days we have a broad range of smartphones from which to select the one that best suits our personal needs and requirements. We  also have wide range of carriers worldwide. For instance, in USA Verizon, Sprint, AT&T and T-Mobile are considered top  ranked alongside  Boost Mobile, Consumer Cellular, Virgin Mobile USA and Cricket Wireless.

The long list of different carriers and service plans often make us confused.  A question  arises  which is the right carrier for a particular smartphone?  This article will guide you to choose the right carrier and service plan for the right phone.

Identify your Monthly Usage

To choose an effective service plan for personal or professional use, you need to identify your monthly usage. There are wide range of tools available online to help you identify your monthly usage. They show you the detailed trend.

Those who do limited activity on the Internet, for example, mostly use it for sending messages over Skype and WhatsApp, can opt 3GB plan. Thus, it is important to know your monthly usage in order to select the best plan for your requirements.

Check the Coverage

Once you identify your usage, you need to check the coverage of wireless carrier. These days most of the carriers cover large area of the country; however only few areas have access to the 3g and 4g Internet. You can avail all the information on the web portals of the carriers. The website shows the coverage maps along with signal strength and other necessary details. If you wish to subscribe for LTE 4G, signal strength matters a lot.

Go for Prepaid

It is a common experience of AT&T, Verizon and Sprint users that postpaid plans are much expensive than prepaids. Regional carriers normally offer affordable rates combined with better values if you are using your own device. You need to search regional carriers in your local area.

Select a Group Plan

Generally individual plans are expensive compared to group plans. Group plans usually includes family or shared plans designed to provide low cost benefits.

Get out of your plan

The carriers normally offer 2 weeks trial to ensure the quality and strength of the service. On the 15th day when you sign the contract for an year or two, you still have an option to change the plan. Based on usage, you can always opt for the best plan that fits your needs even in the middle of your contract.

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