How to Deal with Error 9006

You may receive error 9006 while updating iPhone or while purchasing music from iTunes store. This error normally refers to network switched off position. What happens is that when you connect your device for downloading an update, something intercepts your connection. It can be your security program, firewall or may be something else. To deal with error 9006, you need to try disconnecting and reconnecting your iPhone along with troubleshooting steps which are outlined below.

In some cases error 9006 occurs due to incorrect default packet size in registry database. This error occurs in middle of download; whether you are downloading music files or an update for your iPhone.  To solve the problem, change the location where downloaded file is being stored.

On Mac Operating System:

  1. Open Library  and go to iTunes
  2. Select iPhone Software and place downloaded file in a new location.

On Windows OS:

  1. Click Start | My Computer.
  2. Type following directory in the Address Bar of Windows Explorer window:

C:\Users\<Your User Name Here>\AppData\Roaming\Apple Computer\iTunes\iPhone Software Updates

Now transfer update or music file to your iPhone.

If you are receiving error 9006 on your system when downloading some iPhone software, you need to check your security settings along with firewall because iTunes needs to establish connection with Apple to download stuff on your system.  To deal with error 9006 on your system, follow the instructions given below.

Update Security Program:

Updates for your security program are always available on trusted websites. Error 9006 appears when you attempt to update iTunes or Apple related software. Identify name of your security program and update it accordingly.

Update Security Program on Mac:

To update security program on Mac you need to open Finder and search in Applications > Applications and > Applications > Utilities.  Now find security software and update it to latest version.

Optimize Mac: 

To optimize your Mac perform clean up operation in your system. Use some sophisticated tool such as Mackeeper to speed up your slow Macbook.

Update Security Program on Windows:

 First of all open your security program located in the Start menu. Click the Update button and start the actual process. It may take some time depending on the size of update files and your network connection speed.

Configure Security Program:

Configure your security program correctly to allow iTunes to establish connection with Apple. You can further look for instructions to configure your security program on the manufacturer’s website.

Hope you have fixed error 9006; here are instructions to fix iPhone restoring Issues


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