How to Backup Windows 7 with a Perfect Backup Assistant in Cloud

Backup Assistant programs are available nowadays which make it possible to backup Windows 7 easily. Your files and documents are stored online using cloud technology so there is no worry of losing important files even if your computer becomes completely unstable.

Traditionally files were manually backed up to external devices. Every time the user had to copy updated versions of files to a CD or external hard disk so that he can use it to restore the files later. This requires a lot of time and of course he has to bring the external device with himself every time.

Fortunately cloud backup technology has completely changed the way files were backed up earlier. A PC Backup Windows 7 program automatically backup your files to oversees servers. It is relatively safe and less time consuming way of data protection and cloud storage. Your files are backed up automatically so there is no chance of losing any of these even if your computer fails to boot. By storing these files on oversees servers you need not to carry external devices (such as, CD or external hard disk) with you every time. Of course an internet connection is mandatory.

To backup Windows 7 you need to sign-up for a backup assistant program. Don’t worry; it’s free-of-cost. They will provide you MyPCBackup software which grants you permission to backup your files on their server. Now what you are supposed to do is select the folder(s) that you want the program to backup- including sub folders and files stored within them. Just a single click required. It will do the job automatically once you click the Start Backup button in the main program window.

How to Backup Windows 7?

A) Install MyPCBackup Software:

  1. Visit PCBackup Windows 7 website.
  2. Under Free Online Backup fill up the information such as your name, email id and specify a password for your new account.
  3. Click the red coloured Sign-Up, It’s Free button.
  4. Download Backup Assistant software- MyPCBackup from the new page that opens.
  5. Double click the downloaded file to install it on your computer. Run it once the installation is finished.

B) Select Folders to Backup:

  1. After you successfully install the software a welcome page would appear. Click Next button.
  2. The default backup folder would be My Documents. If your important files are stored in only this folder then select it, or otherwise select Custom Selection option. The second choice is recommended.
  3. Click Next. The PCBackup Windows 7 program should open.

C) Start Backup:

To start the backup procedure just click Start Backup button. Otherwise click Drag & Drop icon on top and drag the files inside the main window which you wish to backup. Cloud backup will backup your files online so that you can restore them later.

D) Schedule your Backups:

To ensure that all your files are backed up and protected I would encourage you to make an automatic backup schedule.


  1. In PCBackup Windows 7 program click Settings icon.
  2. A new dialog will appear. Click Backup Schedule tab.
  3. Select the Daily option. Provide Start Time and click OK.
  4. The Backup Assistant program will automatically backup your files using cloud backup on the scheduled time period.

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