Flash Player Plugin Crash – How to Resolve this Error

Why does flash player plugin crash in your computer and how to avoid from various internal errors in your computer? If you are experiencing trouble while watching videos then you need to deal with internal settings of Windows along system maintenance. In this article you would learn how to fix Flash plugin crash and how to maintain your PC for best performance.Common Reasons

  • Corrupted Flash Player.
  • Corrupted Windows Registry.
  • Outdated drivers.
  • Infected System.

Below are outlined few steps to help you resolve Flash Player plugin crash issue on your computer.

Uninstall Flash Player

First thing to do before trying to start fixing Windows 7 hangs on startup issue on your computer is to properly uninstall Flash player and then reinstall it. Here are steps to uninstall Flash player.

  1. Click on Start button.
  2. Go to Control Panel.
  3. Double click on Add or Remove programs.
  4. Select Flash Player and click on Remove button.
  5. Follow on screen wizard.
  6. Browse Internet and download updated version.
  7. Install it on your computer.

Fix Windows Registry

Another reason behind Flash Player plugin crash could be registry component of operating system. As various active-x plugins are stored in registry of the computer therefore mostly plug-in crash occurs due to conflict with other programs. In this situation your program suddenly freezes and it may even crash. To solve this problem use best registry cleaner software such as RegInOut on your computer.

Update Device Drivers

An outdated device driver often causes Flash player plugin crash in your browser. To solve this problem, update your device drivers. Here are some steps:

  1. Right click on My Computer on the desktop.
  2. Select properties.
  3. Click on Hardware Tab.
  4. Now click on Device Manager.
  5. Note down the name of your sound and video card drivers.
  6. Close device manager Window.
  7. Download updated device drivers from a safe Internet location.
  8. Restart your computer.

Scan System for viruses

Another reason behind Flash Player plugin crash could be infected system. Some viruses are designed to create conflict situation between installed programs that results in program crashes. To solve this problem you should have powerful antivirus on your computer. Scan you system and repair errors.

Recommended Fix

To fix Flash Player plugin crash you need to fix Windows registry and optimize your PC for best performance. Get RegInOut system utilities to fix internal crashes and other common PC errors.

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