RIFT Lags – Why Does the Game Lag

Thinking why RIFT lags on your computer? No need of worrying about the lagging problem as there are several gamers who have reported the same issue on different forums. If you are suffering from the same issue, this article will help you to fix it.

Follow the techniques stated below to reduce RIFT lagging problem:

  • Update Graphic Drivers
  • Allow Network Access
  • RIFT System Requirements
  • Reset RIFT Settings
  • Repair RIFT Corrupt Registry Keys

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RIFT Freezes – Learn How to Fix

Wondering why RIFT freezes randomly? Don’t worry you are not alone encountering this problem. There are some other players that have also reported the same issue. The game freezes when RIFT logo appears on the screen or when the game is running. Strange thing is that game stops without displaying any error message. This article will help RIFT fans to get rid of the problem.

Here are some tips to fix RIFT freezing:

  • System Compatibility
  • Change Firewall Settings
  • Update Graphic Drivers
  • Repair RIFT Registry Entries
  • Reset Game Settings to Default

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Zune Error c00d124d – How to Resolve it?

Zune is software made by Microsoft, it works similar to iTunes. Many people have reported about the Zune error c00d124d on Zune support page. This error normally appears on screen when we try to sync our device to PC. This article will help you to fix the problem.

Follow the methods stated below to fix Zune error c00d124d:

  • Problem in PC USB Port
  • Problem in Device USB Cable
  • Repair Zune Registry Entries
  • Re-Install Zune Software
  • Install Latest Version of Zune

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Error 2908 – Is that possible to resolve it?

Error 2908 normally appears in your system when you try to install a program. This error occurs when a certain component cannot be installed on your computer.

Error 2908 appears in the following format:

  • Internal Error 2908. Could not register component <ID>
  • Error 2908. Could not register component [2].

Causes of Error 2908

Error 2908 is generally caused by limited access to your system. Sometimes registry problems can also cause this error. Continue reading “Error 2908 – Is that possible to resolve it?”

Remove Windows Shield Center – [How to Guide]

Windows Shield Center is a malware and when it enters your PC, Microsoft Security Essential program generates fake alert that your system is infected by Unknown Win32/Trojan. This alert appears in this format:

Microsoft Security Essentials Alert

Potential Threat Details

Microsoft Security Essentials detected potential threats that might compromise your private or damage your computer. Your access to these items may be suspended until you take an action. Click ‘show details’ to learn more.

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Msvcr80.dll Error – Solved!

Msvcr80.dll is a very important file that is used to run programs written in Microsoft Visual Studio. It is a part of Microsoft C runtime library and is located in C:\Windows. If this file gets corrupt it prevents you from running some programs and your system starts displaying Msvcr80.dll error.

Msvcr80.dll error appears on the screen when you try to run or install a particular program. To fix the issue follow the steps given below:

  • Update Hardware Drivers
  • Replace Corrupt File
  • Repair Windows Registry
  • Re-Install Application
  • Run System Restore

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Msvcr90.dll – Fix!

Msvcr90.dll file is a Microsoft Runtime Library file and it allows you to run programs designed in Visual Studio. This file is located in the directory C:\Windows and if this file is deleted accidentally or gets corrupt system start displaying error:

  • Msvcr90.dll file is missing
  • Msvcr90.dll file is corrupt

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Facebook Crash – Fix!

Facebook is a social networking website with a huge traffic every day. Facebook crashes are experienced sometimes. When you open Facebook or wait to interact with people this problem is experienced. We will look after the solutions for this problem.

  • Enable Third Party Cookies
  • Automatically Detect LAN Settings
  • Delete Browser Cookies and Web Cache
  • Fix Browser Registry Entries
  • Reinstall Adobe Flash Player
  • Disable Add-Ons
  • Reset Internet Explorer

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