Eradicate Duplicate Folders in the User Folder in Windows 10


Windows 10 is a well-known and the latest operating system in the Microsoft’s Windows family. Though it’s remarkably advanced and polished, it has been being infested with bugs and issues from the beginning. As promised, Microsoft has been showing a real progress in fixing bugs, especially with their latest November update which acts as a service pack to the whole operating system.

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Selling Gigs on Fiverr – No-nonsense Tips That Really Work!

Fiverr is an eye-candy for newbies and even gurus when it comes to freelancing. It’s fast, well-organized and cost-effective for the service buyers. Other freelancing platforms consume a lot of time of the buyers. Buyers have to post their project requirements, look for the valid proposals coming their way and filter the ones which they like. Fiverr acts the other way round. It allows service sellers to post their extremely well-crafted skills in the form of short gigs starting from $5! This feature of the website makes it easier for the service seekers to decide quickly. For each gig sold, Fiverr deducts 20% of the fee.

fiverr gig description sample
success tips fiverr

For the started there is opportunity to work. All it takes dedication and a promise to deliver above par quality work to the client. Here are given a few tips to succeed in the gigs related to keywords research:

Gig Title:

It is the first thing that a prospect would see. Make sure your title is unique, short and has important keywords in it.

Gig Description: 

Your gig description must be really unique. It must impress the buyer. You can add catchy words, statistics, experience details to convince. In your description, don’t forget to highlight important elements of your service.


You should add high resolution image(s) for the Gig. Personal image can work as it increases trust of your profile.


Record a straight-forward video and post it to backup your gig. It gets even more eyes and makes your gig stand tall from the rest.


If some buyer sends you a message about your gig, do not prolong the discussion. In your very first response send him/her all the details of service you are going to do for. The more details you share with the client, the easier it gets for him to pick you. It is better you share your work samples in the very first message.

Problem-Solving Approach:

A lot of professionals send custom offers too quickly. It creates a negative impression. You must be ready to listen to what your client is saying. Always, as a first step, try to solve his/her problem rather than selling your gig. Buyers like those skillful people who have a problem-solving approach and are ready to help the client in every possible way. 


If you’ve made a new profile at Fiverr, make sure you get the positive reviews for your first few gigs. One tip to win the 5 star reviews is to catch clients from the BUYER REQUESTS and do the task at low rate. This will encourage your customer to order from you and give you the maximum stars for your work.

Power of Free:

For the new starters, beating competition is inevitable. You must sell your service and offer something of value for free. This will help you achieve long-term success.


The Fiverr website promises speedy delivery of work to the customers. You should never be slow in communication as well as on delivering work.


I would like to put this point at number#1. However, I assume you are already an honest person who is not buying fake reviews at Fiverr and also not engineering schemes to cheat customers. Keep in mind honesty is really the best policies and buyers truly favor those who are honest people.


Please don’t fall victim to the ‘experts’ who claim to teach you secret skills to succeed at Fiverr. Most of their claims involve cheating and tricking the system. These don’t work in the long run and you risk the account suspension. It’s always better to play safe and do the real hardwork. It will give you great satisfaction and also allow you to gain a reputation that can withstand for years to come.