iPhone 6 Plus Review

iPhone 6 plus


Apple’s iPhone 6 Plus—big phone, is in market for sale by the end of September. Currently it’s the biggest phone ever from Apple. Apple has designed iPhone in 4 inches so that users could comfortably hold, however, due to Samsung and other competitors, finally Apple released it’s big phone. In fact iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 plus is the response for big Android Phones.


The design of iPhone 6 plus is almost identical to iPhone 6 but its slightly wider—almost 14%. In addition to width, improvements are made on camera technology. The design of new phone is curvier along with rounded edges. The edges of the device are 7.6mm which are quite thick and Apple needs to slim it down. Volume button is more like oval in this phone and sleep-wake buttons are rearranged to right side to comfortably handle with single hand. Overall the build quality is excellent and all the buttons and switches are responsive. The color options are same both for iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus.


iPhone 6 Plus has biggest screen so far which is 5.5 inches with Retina HD. The new device from Apple offers 401 ppi which is highest resolution on iOS device. The most impressive aspect of the screen is wide viewing angle. Additionally, Apple has added another feature called Display Zoom so that users could choose to view the screen just like smaller iPhone screen.


The new series from Apple, iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus are powered by new apple A8 processor and 6 Plus runs on 1.39GHz . A8 uses advanced manufacturing process which is power efficient. In addition to A8 there is updated Motion co-processor M8 which is clear way to save battery timing of iPhone 6 Plus. So, users can expect great improvement in performance of the 6 Plus.


There is another noticeable feature camera in 6 Plus that can be used in promotional photography. The camera lens is surrounded by thin metal and it offers optical image stabilization which is great both for motion and still photography. For faster autofocus, iPhones have Focus Pixels and when you are making video these pixels are automatically focused and results appear clear & smooth.


If you play apps and work on iPhone 6 Plus you would experience noticeable improvements in performance. In addition to its processor, 6 Plus has 1GB RAM on Apple iOS which manages memory sufficiently. However, if Apple choose to add more RAM in this device, it would definitely be plus.


The new series iPhone 6 and 6 Plus both offer faster LTE and support for LTE advanced networks. This would definitely improve connectivity issues, in 6 plus speed reaches to 150mbps. In addition to support for LTE, the device offers Voice over LTE that enables to make high quality calls over LTE. 6 Plus also offers support for 802.11ac Wi-Fi which is 3 times faster than existing 802.11n networks.


iPhone 6 Plus comes with Apple’s newest mobile operating system iOS 8. The main theme of iOS 8 is improving integration between Apple devices both for desktop and mobile by using Continuity. Users of iPad, Macs, iPhone and Apple Watch can easily transfer things.

Battery Life

6 Plus offers 24 hours talk time on 3G, 284 hours standby time, internet on 3G is 12 hours, 12 hours on LTE and 11 hours on Wi-Fi. The video playback time is 14 hours and audio playback time is 80 hours according to Apple.

Apple Pay

6 Plus support NFC (Near Filed Communications) that’s the standard for Apple’s new mobile payment service Apple Pay. Basically Apple Pay is something really interesting as you can pay for things from your iPhone through Touch ID fingerprint scanner. It’s more convenient and secure method for consumers using credit-card systems. Apple pay is currently restricted to US only.


The new iPhone 6 plus has 5.5 inch Retina HD screen with 1920 x 1080 pixel density of 401ppi. It has improvements in camera as well and new phone has iSight camera of 8MP with optical image stabilization. There is 1.2 MP front facing camera that offers 720p video recording. Storage of new device is up to 128 GB which is enough. It weighs on 172 g having ports for Touch ID fingerprint scanner and Lightning connector.




Apple update iOS 8

Basically iOS is the foundation of Apple devices such as iPad, iPhone and iPod touch. iOS comes with set of apps that allow you to simplify your everyday life. In iOS 8 there are big updates such as Photos and Messages. The new update is complete renewal to share content with anyone along with connections between apps and devices.

ios 8



Improvements in camera controls, content sharing, interaction with other apps, notifications and support for third party keyboards.


Developers are having issues interacting with Control Center, users can’t easily access iCloud drive files and “Hey Siri” command only works when phone is plugged in.


In the last release Apple has introduced first major redesign which was welcome change. The new layout of iOS 8 has improved user interface but overall they are adding functionality to iPhone and iPad. The new update has no significant changes in user interface but you would experience new stuff under the hood.

Camera Controls

The inclusion of Manual Camera Controls has provided big win for developers. Now the apps on store like Aviary, Spark Camera and Camera + would offer more options. Manual camera controls also include ISO, exposure , shutter speed and white balance. Due to Extensibility feature, these apps can directly connect with photo app.

iCloud Drive

iCloud drive is more accessible on Mac than iOS, unfortunately there’s no way to access it unless you have an app that supports iCloud service. In Mac you can easily find iCloud drive in finder.


Apple has integrated new engine called QuickType which is an outstanding predictive-typing engine. QuickType automatically adapts writing styles based on app you are using. We often use different formats to reply a text or sending quick note.

Family Sharing

Family sharing is another interesting and useful feature in the new update. Family sharing eliminates the need of purchasing anything many times. The new update provides you way to share six Apple IDs in same apps. You can also detect the location of each family member. In fact family sharing has improved overall controls.

Notifications, Widgets and Spotlight

Notifications in iOS 8 are available and you can respond each notification without quitting from the app that you are using. You simply need to swipe down when a notification drops. In this case, you can respond to your tweets, facebook comment and other notifications.

The new update from Apple allows third parties to add widgets. In addition to Widgets, the Spotlight feature is improved and now you can search beyond locally stored files.



Apple Announced a new Mobile Payment System (Apple Pay)Digital Wallet for iPhone6 and Apple Watch.

apple pay

Apple recently introduced its new Digital Wallet for iPhone6, iPhone 6 Plus and Aple Watch. Apple pay is kind of new mobile system for payments across US. The new payment system shall simplify online payments, enabling you to buy things using single tap.

Apple Pay would use your credit card details that are stored in iTunes (with an option to add more credit cards). It seems that Apple has partnered with payment systems such as Visa, MasterCards and AmericanExpress.

How to Use Apple Pay?

credit cards.jpg

Apple Pay is extremely simple to use. Here are steps to use the new payment system.

1.      First of all load credit card information in Passbook app
2.      Select the payment point
3.      Just touch your finger to Touch ID fingerprint Scanner
4.      You have paid

Is this helpful?


Yes the new mobile payment system from Apple is definitely helpful because it would simplify your payments. In future, Apple may allow third parties to integrate with ApplePay. Currently Apple has announced Disney, Subway Walgreen, Staples and more as big partners for Apple Pay.


In October, Apple Pay would be available for iPhone6, iPhone 6 Plus in United States.

iPhone 5s Stops Working Randomly

This problem is occasionally experienced while working with touchscreen inputs, apps and games in iPhone 5s.

Perform Device Reboot

Try rebooting the iPhone 5s device. If the problem is minor in nature, it may not occur again after a simple power cycle.

1. Long press and hold your Sleep/ Wake Up button.

2. A red slider will appear on your screen.

3. Slide the fingers across the slider.

4. The device will shut down. Wait for 15-20 seconds.

5. Long press and hold the Sleep/ Wake Up button to switch on your device again.

6. Apple logo will appear. iPhone 5s stops working randomly will not be experienced.

 Perform Device Reset

Reset your device. Rest assured no data or app files will be lost.

1. First of all make sure that your iPhone 5s battery is sufficiently charged. If not, charge it first.

2. Long press and hold the Sleep/ Wake Up and Home buttons of your phone simultaneously for 15-20 seconds.

3. Apple logo will appear on your screen and the phone will automatically reboot. Please be patient as the process may take a few minutes.

 Restore your Device

Do this at your own risk as you’ll definitely lose all the media settings and personal data. If you don’t have any backups or do not wish to lose your data, don’t perform device restoration.

1. Backup your important data in 3 ways, viz.

a. Backup to cloud- Store your data online

b. Backup your data on a PC- Copy your data to the hard disk of your PC. You can do so in

different ways, viz. using a USB cord, a memory card or Bluetooth connection.

2. Now connect your phone to your PC using a USB Cable.

3. Open iTunes.

4. Select your device in the source menu options.

5. Click the Summary tab.

6. You’ll find “Restore iPhone” button underneath the image of your device. Click that button.

 Reinstall the iTunes Software

iTunes software files are corrupt. Uninstall the program and reinstall it again. iPhone 5s stops working randomly won’t occur again.

1. Sufficiently charge your iPhone 5s device.

2. Connect the device to your PC via a USB cable.

3. Press Windows Key + X.

4. Click Programs and Features.

5. Right click iTunes from the programs list, select Uninstall.

6. Follow the wizard, reboot.

7. Download a fresh setup online.

8. Double click the downloaded setup, follow the installer.

9. Restart your PC.

10. The device will be redetected.

 Restore and Update

Conduct restoration and update process as shown below:

1. Connect your device through a USB cable to your PC.

2. Press and hold the Home key.

3. Make sure iPhone device is detected in recovery mode.

4. Click the OK button.

5. Click Restore iPhone | Restore and Update.

6. Follow the on-screen wizard.

Why does Silverlight Keep Crashing in Mac

If you’re using Mac operating system and experiencing repeated Microsoft Silverlight crashes follow the instructions given below:

Recommended: Scan Your Mac with MacKeeper & Optimize Silverlight

 Remove Cookie Files and Re-Login

Corruption of the Cookie contents may cause frequent Silverlight crashes. Remove the cookie files.

1. Open Netflix Cookie Cleaning page.

2. The cookie clean-up process would start.

3. After successful completion, go to the Netflix Home.

4. Click Member Sign, proceed with the log-in page.

Check if Other Web Browsers works properly

Check if you’re experiencing Silverlight crashes on a specific web browser or all other browsers. Close the current browser; try watching Netflix movies and other stuff on other web browsers.

Disable Automatic CPU Checking

Microsoft Silverlight has a CPU Checking feature for Mac operating systems. Silverlight keeps crashing in Mac due to this feature. Temporarily turn off it and check if the problem still persists.

1. Download a DMG file from Microsoft’s official website. The DMG file is known as Microsoft Silverlight 2.0 DMG.

2. Double click the downloaded file.

3. Mount that file.

4. Right click the Package File (PKG), choose “Show package contents” from the context menu (right-click options menu).

5. Open Contents | Resources.

6. Right click InstallationCheck, choose Move to Trash.

Turn Off Energy Save

Energy save feature is a part of your Mac operating system. Turn this feature off to resolve your problem.

1. Click System Preferences | Energy Saver | Battery Life.

2. Turn off the feature by choosing “Best performance”.

3. Click OK.

 Disable Hardware Acceleration

Turn off hardware acceleration and see the results.

For Firefox:

1. Open the browser.

2. Click Firefox button, select Options.

3. Click Advanced, and then General.

4. Un-tick the box named “Use hardware acceleration when available”.

5. Click OK, close and re-open the Firefox.


Error 9006 iOS 7

Error 9006 Occurrence Causes

This problem is experienced due to variety of reasons- for example- problem with the Internet connection, server slow-down, interfering apps and low battery.

Problems that you can face

iOS 7 upgrade process interrupts followed by an error message. You won’t able to upgrade to iOS 7.

Detailed Instructions

Many users who rushed to download iOS 7 are experiencing upgrade problems. Downloads stop with a pop-up message saying software update has failed. Worth noting is that Apple announced its servers are up and have no technical problems. This article highlights the most important factors that need to be fixed.

1. Change Hosts File Instructions
2. Free-Up Storage
3. Make sure Enough Phone Battery Power is Left
4. Reboot the Device
5. Check Network Connection

Change Hosts File Instructions

The Hosts file is located in the Drivers directory. It contains important settings and configurations that may cause interruptions during iOS update interval. Here are the steps to repair iTunes Error upgrading to iOS 7:

For Windows 8 & Earlier Versions:

1. Exit iTunes.
2. Double click the My Computer icon on your desktop.
3. Open the following directory:
4. Right click “Hosts” file, select Open With | Notepad.
5. Click Edit | Find, type “gs.apple.com” (without quotes) and click Find Next.
6. Do you find the search quote? If yes, select and delete “gs.apple.com” address.
7. Click File | Save and then exit.

Free-Up Storage

You may not have adequate storage space to upgrade to iOS 7. Error 9006 appears due to inadequate storage space. Delete the content you don’t use and start the upgrade process once again.

Make sure Enough Phone Battery Power is Left

You may not have enough phone battery in order to perform upgrade task. There must be plenty of battery power left in order to continue upgrade process without interruptions. Start upgrade after charging phone battery again. It won’t show you iTunes Error Upgrading to iOS 7.

Reboot the Device

Perform a reboot prior to the installation to get rid of iTunes Error upgrading to iOS 7. Some of the open apps may be interfering with the upgrade procedure. Reboot the device and then try again.

Check Network Connection

Last but not the least, check your network connection and make sure it runs smooth and stable.

A stable Internet connection is required since the update file size is approximately 750 MB. Network interruptions during download process causes error 9006.