Android Error 921

Android error 921 belongs to Android App download error series. The Smartphone device shows above error while downloading an App from Google Play market or it can occur while downloading anything else from the Internet.

Android users are tired of receiving above error. They rush to technology forums and blogs for solutions. This article will give you useful tweaks to fix error 921.

Follow the below mentioned tweaks to resolve the problem.

Useful tweaks:

1.   Remove and re-add Google Play account
2.   Resolve low bandwidth issue
3.   Uninstall unnecessary Apps
4.   Create enough free space
5.   Use WiFi connection for download
6.   Use WiFi fixer app to resolve Wi-Fi problems

Remove and re-add Google Play account:

One reason behind Android error 921 is malfunctioning Google Play account. You need to remove your Google Play account and re-add it to resolve above error. Follow the given guidelines:

Remove Google Play account:

·         Open your device and click Settings
·         Go to Account and Sync
·         Select your account
·         Tap to Menu and select Remove account
·         You are done!

Re-add Google Play account:

·         Turn off your device and then turn it on
·         You will be prompted to Add a Google Account
·         Follow the onscreen instruction
·         You are done!

Resolve low bandwidth issue:

Low bandwidth may also popup Android error 921 to your Smartphone screen. In this situation, you need to check how many devices are using the same internet connection. In most cases, reducing amount of device resolves bandwidth issue and the Android download error as well.

Uninstall unnecessary Apps:

Apps capture space and lead device to show Android error 921. You need to uninstall unnecessary Apps to resolve the problem. Follow the given guidelines to uninstall unnecessary Apps:

·         Open your Android device
·         Tape to Settings and then tape Applications
·         Go to Manage Applications
·         Now select each Application, which you do not need
·         Uninstall each unnecessary Apps from the list
·         You are done!

Create enough free space:

Cleaning data from your Android device creates free space for downloads, it shall resolve error 921. Follow the below mentioned steps to create enough free space:

·         Turn on your Android Smartphone device
·         Tap to Settings and then Applications
·         Go to Manage Applications and then All
·         Select Google Play Store | Click Clear Data | Go back to All
·         Select Market Updater | Click Clear Data | Go back to All
·         Select Google Service Framework | Click Clear Data
·         You are done! Now close Manage Applications

Use WiFi connection for downloads:

There might be problem with your wired internet connection. Try downloading through WiFi connection. Many users have resolved error 921 by using WiFi connection. So, do try it hopefully it shall resolve the issue.

Use WiFi fixer app to resolve Wi-Fi problems:

In case you face difficulties downloading Apps using WiFi connection from Google Play Store. You need to use WiFi fixer App to resolve all WiFi related issues.

Follow the procedure given below to download and use WiFi fixer App:

·         Open Android based Smartphone device
·         Go to following URL:
·         Download WiFi fixer App and install it
·         Run this app to fix Android WiFi error

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